How it Works

Our state of the art in-house management solution allows more control than ever before over the type of game play that we can offer at events. With dynamically updating games and our own range of game modes; it has never been so easy to get a gaming area up and running at your event!


Cross Platform

Our entire system is built to be flexible and cross-platform. Windows, Linux and Mac are all generally supported providing the game is supported.

Fully Managed

Our solution is fully managed by our team so no matter your background and technical knowledge, rest assured you are in safe hands for your event!

Security From The Start

We ensure that our system is both secured and isolated from other networks that may be at your event. Our game servers run on an Air-Gapped network, meaning no risk of crossing into another exhibitors network by accident.

Lets Get Started

Drop us an e-mail today so we can discuss in more detail what we have to offer and what we can do for your game, your event or your expo spot!